CoinParty is a week-long global hackathon focused on building the future of finance using the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash.

  • $24,000 in Bitcoin Cash prizes for the best projects. Use this money to take your projects to the moon!
  • Receive a $50 bursary just for taking part!
  • Join our hackathon to collaborate and compete with top crypto talent from around the world.
  • Receive support and guidance from some of the key developers within the BCH ecosystem.



Bitcoin Cash is the top cryptocurrency solely-focussed on becoming peer-to-peer electronic cash as was described in the original Bitcoin Whitepaper. BCH (Bitcoin Cash) is programmable money that offers huge possibilities for building unique and exciting products and services.

With subcent fees and battle-tested scripting to create smart-contracts, Bitcoin Cash is positioned to be the most useful currency ever created. We invite you to join the forefront of this movement to lead the world into a new era of economic freedom.



CoinParty is being hosted by the organisation Bitcoin Unlimited. Bitcoin Unlimited was founded to drive the technology of Bitcoin towards massive adoption and scaling.

Through building industry-leading software and hosting numerous events over the years, Bitcoin Unlimited has brought together thousands of developers and enthusiasts to work towards building a Bitcoin world.



We welcome talented people from all different skill-sets including: developers, marketers, designers and business people.

CoinParty is for anyone who wants to build amazing blockchain tools and products using cryptocurrency.



  • A chance to win up to $24,000 in prizes.
  • A bursary of $50 paid for completing the hackathon.
  • A live chat forum to collaborate with your team and advisers.
  • A list of useful tools and resources to help you build exciting projects.
  • Many opportunities to present your projects through livestreams and articles.
  • Learn to use the revolutionary power to change the world using Bitcoin Cash.



January 10th - 12th Team founding & ideation activities
January 13th CoinParty Opening Ceremony & hackathon kickoff
January 15th - 17th Livestream interviews with the teams to give progress updates
January 18th Submission deadline.
January 19th Project presentations.
January 20th Judges deliberations and prize giving ceremony



What is a ‘hackathon’?

A hackathon is an event where people come together to build projects within a set period of time with the aim of winning prizes. Hackathons are generally for software-based projects. People create teams to complete the work and then submit their project for judging at the end of the event.

How do I register?

You can register right now here on Devpost.

Can I work on existing projects during the hackathon?

Yes, absolutely! We want people to be able to continue to build upon and refine existing projects. It is important to have both a high-quantity but also a high-quality of tools and services within the BCH ecosystem.

The only thing we require for work that is done on existing projects is that the pre-existing work is declared to us in your project submission.

If you have been found to have used existing work which was not declared then you will be disqualified from CoinParty.

Do the projects need to be open source?

While open source work is encouraged, it is not a requirement for your project to be open source.

Can I work on my own?

Yes, it is fine to work on your own. But wouldn’t it be so much more fun to work with a bunch of cool people? We encourage you to try to build or join a team if you can.

What is the maximum number of people we can have in a team?

The maximum size of a team is 5 people.

What kind of things can I build?

You can let your imagination run wild on what to build, including building on top of existing work (see the relevant question above for details on this). There are different prizes available so make sure to check them to give yourself the best chance of winning.

Who owns the work I do during the hackathon?

You, and only you. Each team owns 100% of the assets created by them during the hackathon.


Who is CoinParty for?

CoinParty is aimed at talented people who want to build fun and exciting projects that make use of Bitcoin Cash. This can be software developers, project managers, business developers, marketers, graphic designers.

How does CoinParty benefit Bitcoin Cash?

CoinParty is aiming to bring tons of new talented people into the BCH ecosystem. After a hard year, and a recent successful upgrade, now is the perfect time to use this momentum to get every re-focussed on the goal of peer-to-peer cash.

How does CoinParty benefit Bitcoin Unlimited?

Bitcoin Unlimited is an organisation founded to help allow peer-to-peer electronic scale to the world’s needs. Bitcoin Cash is currently our best hope of achieving this. To reach such an immense goal, BU needs access to many resources, including a large and diverse talent pool.

This is the reason why BU has always provided support to developers, including hosting events such as CoinParty. These events bring in the talent needed to grow BCH to a global scale.

Why another hackathon?

There have been a couple of other hackathons this year, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t good reason to host another one. Some events were unfortunately hindered by the sudden implementation of massive international travel restrictions. This is something we have worked round by making the event 100% virtual. Also, other events are not BCH specific, whereas CoinParty is solely focussed on Bitcoin Cash!

What happens after the hackathon ends?

We hope that many of the teams and projects continue to be built upon and add significant value to the BCH ecosystem. You never know, perhaps they could find investment or even run their own flipstarter campaigns to expand them.


  • Teams can have from 1-5 members.
  • Individuals can only work on one team.
  • Anyone of age 18 or over is welcome to join the CoinParty hackathon.
  • To be eligible for a submission you must:
    • have created or be a part of a project on DevPost. (See THIS guide for setting one up).
    • have linked your project to the CoinParty hackathon. (See step 5 in THIS guide).
  • To be eligible for a submission you must have provided a progress update on your work during the hackathon in the form of a article and a short video call with us (to be recorded and published on the Bitcoin Unlimited youtube channel).


  • Projects submitted must involve the Bitcoin Cash network in some way.
  • Submissions must include a video demo showing the features that were developed during the hackathon.
  • Project submissions must be made through DevPost. A guide on how to do this can be found HERE)
  • Project submissions must be made by 23:45 (UTC+0) on 18th January 2021.
  • Any work done on your project before the hackathon must be declared in your project submission.
  • Any software or intellectual property that you use in your project that has not been created by your team (for example software libraries or design assets) must be declared in your project submission.
  • You must not use any software or other intellectual property (for example software libraries or design assets) in your projects that you do not have the license to use.
  • Each team can only submit a single project.

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$24,000 in prizes

CoinParty AllStars Prize

The grand winning team of CoinParty2020 will receive the CoinParty Allstars prize. The judges will be taking all factors into account when deciding on this prize.

Block Party Prize

The Block Party prize will be split across the teams through community voting. We will be handing out 1,000,000 CoinParty Kudos tokens across the BCH ecosystem, and each token will be used to vote on how this prize will be shared across the completed projects.

Nakamoto Prize

This prize will be given to the team that has the most innovative project. Bitcoin was one of the greatest innovations of the past two decades. Will you create something that lives up to that?

User Focus Prize

The User Focus prize will go to the project with the best UI and UX. Let’s get some beautiful and elegant products built!

Party Animal Prize

This prize will be given to the team that has and creates the most fun and excitement. CoinParty isn’t just about building it’s also about having an awesome time doing it! Whoever brings the most fun to the party will win this prize.

B2B Bitcoin Cash

The focus of adoption in crypto, and especially in Bitcoin Cash, is typically on merchants, banking, speculation and other services at the retail level. However, P2P cash is for everyone and peers do not have to be retail merchants and consumers. It is my belief that there are massive, unexplored, non-retail use cases that could bring a large amount of real economic activity to the BCH network. I would like to encourage teams to identify and work on a solution to one of those use cases.

The bounty will be divided evenly between all teams that meet the judgement criteria.

- It must be an economic use case that uses BCH as money. For example, projects that use BCH exclusively as a token or data carrier will not qualify.
- The use case must be specific. For example to an industry, company, organization, product or service.
- Solutions must meet a minimal quality and effort bar which due to lack of time to specify will be subjectively judged by me.

This bounty was contributed by and will be decided by emergent_reasons.


This bounty if for a project that results in software that interacts and integrates well into existing pieces of open source Bitcoin Cash software. The target software should be standalone and have a user interface whether graphical or command line, as opposed to being a library that only functions as a component of another project. Examples include one of the full nodes, the Electron-Cash wallet, the RPC explorer, Flipstarter, and so on. There should be meaningful interaction, to be determined by the judges, beyond simply sending coins from one wallet to another.

With this bounty, I hope to promote more interaction between projects in Bitcoin Cash, which enhances usability and longevity for all projects involved.

Good luck to all participants, and thank you for contributing to peer to peer electronic cash!

This bounty was contributed by and will be decided by imaginary_username.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Andrew Stone

Andrew Stone
Lead Developer - Bitcoin Unlimited

Andrea Suisani

Andrea Suisani
Developer - Bitcoin Unlimited

Peter Rizun

Peter Rizun
Chief Scientist - Bitcoin Unlimited

Jonathan Silverblood

Jonathan Silverblood
Lead Developer - General Protocols

Josh Ellithorpe

Josh Ellithorpe
Staff Engineer - Coinbase

Josh Green

Josh Green
Lead Developer - Bitcoin Verde

Judging Criteria

  • Bitcoin Cash
    Projects that best highlight the power of Bitcoin Cash will be looked upon favourably.
  • Adoption
    The more adoption a project can achieve for Bitcoin Cash the better.
  • Fun
    The most exciting, fun and unique projects will be valued highly.
  • Polish
    Projects that feel more 'finished' will be judged more highly.
  • Foundation
    Projects that provide foundational tools for building even more exciting things on Bitcoin Cash will be judged highly.
  • Team Work
    Larger teams that work well together as a team and encourage collaboration and participation will be judged more highly.

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