3 days ago

We will now extend the deadline for SLP token voting an extra day to 18:00 (UTC+0) 21st Jan

Hey everyone!

We hope you are all doing well. I want to give you a quick update on the Awards ceremony. We are unfortunately running a bit behind. This means that the awards ceremony won't be happening today. Nothing has gone wrong. Things are just taking slightly longer than planned due to the large number of great projects you all built! We are very close though.

We will now extend the deadline for SLP token voting an extra day so you now have until 18:00 (UTC+0) 21st Jan to collect as many votes as you can. There are still 100s…

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5 days ago

Come Get Involved In The Rest of The Bitcoin Cash Community!

It has been amazing to get to spend such an intense and productive week with you all! You guys are the heroes of CoinParty. You are almost at the finish line, but we don’t want to let you go. After creating so much value for the BCH ecosystem we now hope you all feel you are a part of Bitcoin Cash.

We want to make sure you stick round around so we don’t lose your awesomeness. You should come and join the rest of the BCH community in the various groups that exist. We’ll list them below and we hope…

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6 days ago

Let’s get those DevPost projects polished!

It’s now the final day of the CoinParty hackathon. It’s been amazing to see how much progress you have all made in such a short space of time. While there is still time to continue to develop your projects throughout the rest of the day (until 23:45 UTC+0 tonight), now is the time to also start focusing on making sure your project page on DevPost is well prepared. This is going to give your project the best chance of winning a prize.


Key Information

There are certain key pieces of information your project on DevPost needs to contain.We’ll go…

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6 days ago

How to create a great CoinParty project video presentation!

We want to give you all the best chance to impress our judges and the BCH community. A key way to achieve this is to create a well-made video presentation. In this guide we are going to help you do just that.



While we will not comment on the quality of the project itself (this is for our judges and the BCH community to decide), but this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjYfyH7XbXI is an excellent example of a good quality project video presentation. It makes use of all the information and tips we will provide below. You can use this video…

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7 days ago

Get Your Tokens! - Learn how to set up your project ready to receive voting tokens.

In order to be eligible for a share of the BlockParty $5000 prize, teams will need to provide an SLP address and its QR code in the DevPost description of their project. The “Simple Ledger Protocol” is Bitcoin Cash’s most widely adopted token protocol, and the BlockParty prize will be distributed in proportion to the number of “CoinParty Community Kudos” tokens you receive at that address.

To get an SLP address, we recommend the app available from wallet.bitcoin.com. Once installed, tap Receive, and then tap “SLP” on the right side near the bottom of the screen, next to BCH and…

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8 days ago

Final call for submissions

There are only 3 days left to complete your submission for CoinParty.

10 days ago

We're turning the music up to 11! Grab a bunch of CoinParty Spotify playlist to get in the zone.

What kind of party would the CoinParty hackathon be without hours of rolling beats?! We’ve created a set of Spotify playlists for all our Partygoers. Since we know everyone has a different taste, each playlist covers a different genre of music. Hopefully there are some playlists in there that you can enjoy.

We know that having some great music to listen to while you work is an excellent way of getting into a flow mind-state. Having this kind of focus while building will help improve your productivity over the week, and make it even more fun!

Of course, even if…

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10 days ago

Let the games begin! Learn about the mini-games going on all week.

Hi Partygoers! We want to make sure you get your relaxation quota in during this week of intense hacking, so we’ve arranged games for each day of CoinParty.

Thursday 14th - 4pm (UTC+0)

Thursday night is Poker Night. Join us at Blockchain.poker for a free-to-enter Texas Hold’em tournament with a $100 prize pool. You can join this tournament using the link https://blockchain.poker?tournament=6f20d9fa&a=3c54c080 and password: CoinPartyPeople2021.

Friday 15th - 4pm (UTC+0)

Friday night is Video Game Night. And what better way to build comradery than blasting each other to bits in a Fortnite battle royale!? Fortnite is free-to-play and not…

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11 days ago

*IMPORTANT* Update on Submission Requirements and Deadlines For Your CoinParty Projects

We have now simplified and relaxed the submission rules, especially the dates. You can see these coinparty.devpost.com. But the TLDR of it is that we have simplified things so that there are only two dates that matter to you now.

  • Hacking starts at 00:15 (UTC+0) 13th January. (In roughly 3 hours)
  • The deadline for submissions is 23:45 (UTC+0) 18th January. (in 4 hours and 6 days)

Other key points:

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12 days ago

It's Time To Introduce The CoinParty Mentors!

It’s less than 2 days until the CoinParty hackathon kickoff now! Wow, time flies! It’s time for us to introduce you to our mentors. Our mentors are all Bitcoin Cash OGs who are extremely knowledgeable and talented people. Our mentors are here to help guide you in building the best projects you can build.


Fernando Pelliccioni

Lead Developer - Knuth Node
Fernando is building a full node and set of libraries under the name Knuth. He has been working on Bitcoin Cash for years now and will happily help you with any technical challenges you face.


James Cramer

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13 days ago

The CoinParty Schedule - Find out what will be happening over the next 10 days.

It's just two days until the CoinParty hackathon kicks off. To make sure you have a good idea what will be happening, here is a schedule of the next 10 days.


11th January

6-7:30pm (UTC+0) Pre-drinks Session. Come hang out with us on zoom. We will give you a chance to make a shout out about your project if you are still looking for more teammates, or if you don’t have a project yet and are looking to join one.


12th January

Final day before CoinParty kickoff. Try to make sure you have all the info and resources…

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16 days ago

IMPORTANT: How To Add Your CoinParty Project To DevPost

There's less than 6 days until the CoinParty hackathon starts! It's time to start getting your projects up on DevPost.

If you already have a project/team and know what you are going to be working on, now is the time put this project up on DevPost. Besides being a great way to start curating your work and showing it to the world, this is the best way to find extra team members if you are still looking for some.

In this article we will guide you through the process of adding your project to DevPost.

Step 1 - Create a

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18 days ago

Generate Great Ideas for CoinParty Projects

Just 8 days until CoinParty now! While some of you eager beavers are all ready to go with your project ideas, we know many of you are still in the ideation phase. This article should give you a good idea on how to generate great ideas and also give you a ton of ideas people have come up with for you.

How To Generate Great Ideas

Step 1

Generate as many ideas as possible without any critical feedback or filtering mechanism at all. You just want to list a ton of different ideas. The more crazy the idea the better!…

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19 days ago

Let's Get You All Connected Into Strong Teams

We are rapidly approaching the kickoff date for CoinParty. I know many of you are still wanting to find people to build teams with. Having a strong team with a diverse set of talents is going to give you the best chance possible at winning some of those juicy prizes, and having a great time doing it!


Let People Know Who You Are on DevPost

If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you have signed up for CoinParty at coinparty.devpost.com. Apart from being a requirement to enter the hackathon, it’s also a key place to be able to…

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21 days ago

Free Useful Tools for managing your CoinParty Projects

The CoinParty hackathon is rapidly approaching. We want to make sure you are well equipped to successfully manage your projects and make sure they get as much exposure as possible. Here’s a list of a bunch of tools and services that we think will help you build the best projects you can.


Project Management


Clickup is an excellent free tool to use for project management. It’s a tasklist app on steroids. Whether you are working on your own or as a team, using Clickup is an excellent way to make sure you maximise your productivity. 

You access…

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22 days ago

Get Set Up To Build On BCH - Developer Resources - CoinParty Hackathon

Bitcoin development may sound intimidating, but luckily the developers who partied before you have already laid the necessary groundwork. Seamless integration of Bitcoin Cash into your desktop, web, or mobile application is just a library away.


This document will provide a short summary for each of CoinParty2020’s recommended tools and resources for the hackathon. These resources were chosen for their low start up costs, reasonable learning curves, and overall quality. More tools can be found at https://developer.bitcoin.com/, https://bch.info/en/developers, and elsewhere!


Libauth is a lightweight Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitauth JavaScript library. It’s made up of simple…

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