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about 3 years ago

Let the games begin! Learn about the mini-games going on all week.

Hi Partygoers! We want to make sure you get your relaxation quota in during this week of intense hacking, so we’ve arranged games for each day of CoinParty.

Thursday 14th - 4pm (UTC+0)

Thursday night is Poker Night. Join us at for a free-to-enter Texas Hold’em tournament with a $100 prize pool. You can join this tournament using the link and password: CoinPartyPeople2021.

Friday 15th - 4pm (UTC+0)

Friday night is Video Game Night. And what better way to build comradery than blasting each other to bits in a Fortnite battle royale!? Fortnite is free-to-play and not too graphically intensive, so most computers will be able to run it. The competition will be hosted on with a $100 prize pool. @John Moriarty know you want to join and we’ll send you some tickets to play.

Saturday 16th

Saturday is party time! Everytime myself, @John Moriarty or @monica posts a GIF or image of a drink/cheers in #coinparty_general then the first person to respond with a photo of themself with a drink will win $5 in BCH. And even if you aren’t the first person, to respond, send a picture anyway! (Drinks don’t have to be alcoholic, although they are more than welcome to be). Bonus BCH for the funniest photos!

Sunday 17th

Sunday night is Munchies Night, where we encourage you to get creative with food inspired by Bitcoin Cash. Post a picture to social media with instructions on how to make it and link it in the #coinparty_general channel. The most creative entry will win a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet!

Monday 18th

Crunch time. We’ll leave this mini-game as a surprise!



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post them in the #coinparty_general channel on our Slack.