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over 2 years ago

Get Your Tokens! - Learn how to set up your project ready to receive voting tokens.

In order to be eligible for a share of the BlockParty $5000 prize, teams will need to provide an SLP address and its QR code in the DevPost description of their project. The “Simple Ledger Protocol” is Bitcoin Cash’s most widely adopted token protocol, and the BlockParty prize will be distributed in proportion to the number of “CoinParty Community Kudos” tokens you receive at that address.

To get an SLP address, we recommend the app available from Once installed, tap Receive, and then tap “SLP” on the right side near the bottom of the screen, next to BCH and BTC. The address shown will then change to an SLP address, and so will the QR code.

To get both an image of the QR code and the address text, tap the share icon (a square with an upward facing arrow) at the top right of that same receive screen. From there, you can send it wherever it will be easier for you to then put it on your project page. For example, you could email it to yourself.

You should now include the SLP address as text in your DevPost project description and include the image in your DevPost project as well. It’s up to you where you put it, but considering this is one way you will win prize money, we recommend you make it fairly prominent.

Regardless of how many kudos tokens you get, you all deserve a huge amount of credit for taking on your ambitious and innovative projects.

Thank you for building on Bitcoin Cash!



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post them on the #coinparty_general channel on our Slack.