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about 3 years ago

Generate Great Ideas for CoinParty Projects

Just 8 days until CoinParty now! While some of you eager beavers are all ready to go with your project ideas, we know many of you are still in the ideation phase. This article should give you a good idea on how to generate great ideas and also give you a ton of ideas people have come up with for you.

How To Generate Great Ideas

Step 1

Generate as many ideas as possible without any critical feedback or filtering mechanism at all. You just want to list a ton of different ideas. The more crazy the idea the better! Crazy ideas, while sometimes impractical can often lead your mind to innovative practical ideas that no one else has thought of. Make sure you go over some of the ideas you have written down and combine them, create slight alternatives and mix them up. Again, make sure you don’t hold back or filter your ideas. This process should be a bit like a stream of consciousness.

Step 2

Go through the long list of ideas you wrote down and highlight the ideas that you think are best. The list shouldn’t contain much more than five options. Then once you have this shorter list you should go through each item and expand the concept into a more detailed idea. Make sure you think about how you would build them, how long it will take you, what resources you would need.

Step 3

Decision time. While there are lots of good ways to make a final decision on which option to use, one of the best ways is a decision matrix. You can use the one we have already built HERE. Simply enter a value between 1 and 5 for each factor for each project idea and the matrix will generate a value. You can then compare all the values. The projects with the higher total values are the best ones. You can now choose you project from the those that have the highest total values from the decision matrices.


Build New Features For Open-source BCH Projects

Did you know that you can build features for existing projects as entries for the Coinparty 2020 Hackathon? Here's some features on the Member issues list that are about the right size for a Coinparty project.


Flipstarter ( provides a way for any project to engage with potential funders in a way that encourages accountability for projects and fairness for funders. It is a tool for permissionless crowd-funding built using smart-contract technology on Bitcoin Cash. Flipstarter has successfully allowed innitiatives to generate well over $1 million in voluntary funding.

Flipstarter is open-source and has a ton of improvements that could be made to it. In fact there are already a long list of features waiting to built that are listed as issues on Gitlab. You can find these at

Perhaps you can add the next great feature that helps Flipstarter achieve over $10 million in funded innitiatives!


Member ( is a new type of public micro-blogging platform which is built directly on top of Bitcoin Cash. You can get a quick summary about it at Member is also open-source and also has lots of features that would make it even more powerful.

  • Chat server - let Members chat together in real time
  • Search facility - often requested feature, add a full text search facility
  • Infinite scroll/Automatic update - add new posts to feeds in real time, either from scroll position, or update periodically with new posts (good for live events)
  • Embedded comments - allow other websites to add Member comment threads to their articles with just some iframe tags
  • Markdown editor - Replace the markdown editor with TipTap for an improved user interface when composing longer articles on Member.
  • Media Integrations - Allow embedded LBRY/Soundcloud/Bandcamp/Giphy/etc integrations in Member posts.
Electron Cash

Electron Cash( is one of the most feature-complete Bitcoin Cash wallets out there. Even better is that it is fully open-source! One of the best features of Electron Cash is its extensibility through plugins. That means you can create your own custom plugins with special features you want. Karol Trzeszczkowski has even made a template plugin to get you started. 

Using plugins means you could create an innovative new wallet feature without having develop a whole wallet from scratch!


Pick A Project Idea Out Of A Hat

We’ve made things super easy for you if you haven’t decided yet. We went and got the BCH community to generate a ton of ideas for you!

Go check out this thread on reddit to find some great ideas.

Also check out this thread on Twitter for even more idea.



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post question on our official Slack in the #coinparty_general channel.