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about 3 years ago

Free Useful Tools for managing your CoinParty Projects

The CoinParty hackathon is rapidly approaching. We want to make sure you are well equipped to successfully manage your projects and make sure they get as much exposure as possible. Here’s a list of a bunch of tools and services that we think will help you build the best projects you can.


Project Management


Clickup is an excellent free tool to use for project management. It’s a tasklist app on steroids. Whether you are working on your own or as a team, using Clickup is an excellent way to make sure you maximise your productivity. 

You access it in-browser or download the desktop or mobile app. You can grab it now at


To quickly communicate with your team or our mentors, you can use our Slack group to send instant messages. You can also host audio calls when needed. You can use Slack in-browser or you can download the app from

You should already be in our slack, but if you aren’t please let us know so we can send you an invite.


For a high fidelity form of communication you can use Zoom for video calls for free. If you are a team this is great for quickly sorting out those fine details that are difficult to explain through text. 

Zoom can be downloaded for free from


Creative Work

One Word Domains

Need a nice domain name for your project? You can discover great short and real word domains for free at Give your project the extra polish of having a beautiful domain name!


Canva is an excellent free tool for creating stunning graphics so all different uses. For example, if you want to promote your project on social media, they have tons of templates for all the social media channels.

You can use it for free now at


BannerBear is a great tool to automating the creation of graphics and even simple videos. You can either use their webapp or their API to create masses of customized graphics and videos. There must be many fascinating ways to use this in your projects.

You can generate 30 images and 1 minute of video for free.

Go check it out at


Fiverr is a great place to pay to get small tasks done cheaply. Whether it be to produce graphics, videos, voice overs, or translations, Fiverr is a great place to get these done quickly and cheaply.

Find out more on




Loom is an excellent tool for recording presentation or tutorials. You get to record your desktop screen or webpage while also recording from your webcam, which is displayed in the bottom corner. This allows you to better connect with your viewers as they can always see you while you are presenting. Loom is free to use for the first 100 videos.

Sign up for it at


Twitter is one of the key social media channels used by the cryptocurrency community. To promote your project it is probably a good idea to set up a twitter account for it and make sure you let the BCH community know about it.


Reddit is also one of the main places the cryptocurrency community hangs out. For Bitcoin Cash you have, and Reddit is a great place to post about your project to generate interest and get feedback.


Telegram is likely the number one place community for the Bitcoin Cash community when it comes to instant messaging. Make sure to join,, to promote your projects and get involved in the BCH community.




Zapier is an amazing no-code tool to integrating things with other things. You can use Zapier to rapidly create a proof-of-concept or simply to connect your application to 1000s of others.

You can sign up for zapier for a free plan at


Connect with all sorts of fun APIs to create interesting products and services. Check out the list at

No-Code is a great resource for finding tons of ‘no-code’ tools. ‘No-code’ are tools that allow you to quickly build software with little or no programming. Even if you are an experienced developer no-code tools are an excellent way of rapidly building working proof-of-concepts, which could be key for hackathons.



Hopefully this update has given you a good idea of some great free tools that are at your disposal. We hope this gives all the best chance of producing some amazing projects!



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post them on our official Slack chat group.