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about 3 years ago

How to create a great CoinParty project video presentation!

We want to give you all the best chance to impress our judges and the BCH community. A key way to achieve this is to create a well-made video presentation. In this guide we are going to help you do just that.



While we will not comment on the quality of the project itself (this is for our judges and the BCH community to decide), but this video is an excellent example of a good quality project video presentation. It makes use of all the information and tips we will provide below. You can use this video as a reference for the kind of thing we are looking for in a video presentation.


Key Information

These are the key pieces of information that should include in your video presentation.

  • Project name.
  • Project pitch.
  • Description of how someone uses your product/service.
  • A description of the benefits of your product/service.
  • Say how this helps adoption of Bitcoin Cash.
  • Thank you for watching and supporting my project.
  • SLP Address & QR Code (for receiving votes)
  • BCH  Address & QR Code (for tips)



There are also a number of ways you can improve the quality of your presentation. 

  • Record a video of your project in Action
  • Use
  • Keep It Short
  • Do Some Video Editing
Record a Video of Your Project in Action

Make sure you document in visual form all of the features you developed during the CoinParty hackathon. Showing off these features through a video will make it much easier for our Judges and the BCH community to decide if your project deserves their votes.


You can use for free. This will allow you to present those project features you just recorded while also including the video of yourself talking on-screen. By keeping yourself on-screen during the presentation it adds a more personal touch.

Keep it short.

Ideally, your video should be less than 5 minutes long. It should never be longer than 10 minutes. A shorter and more concise video that manages to include all the key information listed in the section above will be more likely to convince our Judges and the BCH community that you deserve to win prizes. If you want to cover other things like how you built the project then this information can be included in your DevPost project, and even as a separate video. But you want to make sure that people can quickly assess the key aspects of your project without getting bored.

Do Some Video Editing

We’re not looking for high-end video editing or effects here, but by spending a little bit of time using free video editing software to cut together a video you will likely end up with a better end quality presentation. On Mac OSX we recommend using iMovie and there is similar free software on Windows and Linux. This is also how you can include your SLP and BCH addresses and QR codes.



We hope this guide has helped give you a good overview on what a good project presentation video should look like. As soon as your presentation is complete, please upload it to your project. Feel free to also come and post about it in our Slack.



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post any questions you have on the #coinparty_general channel on our Slack.