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over 2 years ago

It's Time To Introduce The CoinParty Mentors!

It’s less than 2 days until the CoinParty hackathon kickoff now! Wow, time flies! It’s time for us to introduce you to our mentors. Our mentors are all Bitcoin Cash OGs who are extremely knowledgeable and talented people. Our mentors are here to help guide you in building the best projects you can build.


Fernando Pelliccioni

Lead Developer - Knuth Node
Fernando is building a full node and set of libraries under the name Knuth. He has been working on Bitcoin Cash for years now and will happily help you with any technical challenges you face.


James Cramer

Lead Developer - Simple Ledger

James is the main developer currently driving the SLP technology forward. We are sure many of you will be working with SLP tokens, so James is you man if you have SLP related questions.


Imaginary Username

Contributor - BCHN

Imaginary_username has been involved in BCH since day one and is a contributor to BCHN one of the main BCH nodes. He has a deep knowledge of how Bitcoin Cash works at the protocol level and can surely help you on your BCH-specific issues.


Rosco Calis
Senior Developer - General Protocols

Rosco is the creator of and an extremely talented developer. He also happens to have a ton of experience competing in hackathons so I am sure he can help you if you have questions on hackathon strategy or anything similar.


You can reach out to them publicly in one of our channels or privately any time you like if you have technical questions. They will be there to help point you in the right direction.

A huge thank you to our mentors for supporting CoinParty to make sure this event is a big success!



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post any questions you have on the #coinparty_general channel in our Slack.