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about 3 years ago

Come Get Involved In The Rest of The Bitcoin Cash Community!

It has been amazing to get to spend such an intense and productive week with you all! You guys are the heroes of CoinParty. You are almost at the finish line, but we don’t want to let you go. After creating so much value for the BCH ecosystem we now hope you all feel you are a part of Bitcoin Cash.

We want to make sure you stick round around so we don’t lose your awesomeness. You should come and join the rest of the BCH community in the various groups that exist. We’ll list them below and we hope you come and join all of them. Also, these are going to be great places to shill your projects for those sweet sweet voting tokens. 

BCH Devs & Builders - This is a private Telegram group so just PM me on Slack your TG username and I will invite you. - Go subscribe to catch all the BCH and Bitcoin news. - A general BCH community, - A general BCH community started during our Satoshi’s Vision conference in 2018. - A general cryptocurrency community started by me for people wanting to learn to live off crypto and leave the legacy financial system behind.



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please send them to the #coinparty_general channel on our Slack.