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over 2 years ago

*IMPORTANT* Update on Submission Requirements and Deadlines For Your CoinParty Projects

We have now simplified and relaxed the submission rules, especially the dates. You can see these But the TLDR of it is that we have simplified things so that there are only two dates that matter to you now.

  • Hacking starts at 00:15 (UTC+0) 13th January. (In roughly 3 hours)
  • The deadline for submissions is 23:45 (UTC+0) 18th January. (in 4 hours and 6 days)

Other key points:

  • Submissions must be made as a DevPost project. The guide for creating one can be found at
  • Your project submissions must also be connected to the CoinParty hackathon (see step 5 in the guide just linked).
  • Any required information (such as use of existing work or software libraries etc.) must be included in the description of your project on DevPost.
  • Your DevPost projects should include a BCH address for your prizes and an SLP address so that the community can vote using their voting tokens. Feel free to be very liberal posting these about.

For the full list of rules and requirements please see the main hackathon page at


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on our Slack at