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over 2 years ago

IMPORTANT: How To Add Your CoinParty Project To DevPost

There's less than 6 days until the CoinParty hackathon starts! It's time to start getting your projects up on DevPost.

If you already have a project/team and know what you are going to be working on, now is the time put this project up on DevPost. Besides being a great way to start curating your work and showing it to the world, this is the best way to find extra team members if you are still looking for some.

In this article we will guide you through the process of adding your project to DevPost.

Step 1 - Create a New Project

To add a project to your portfolio, login to your account and go to your portfolio. Click the button that says "Add a project to your Portfolio".


Next you need to make sure you select the option which says "No, I'm just adding it to my portfolio.". You also need to add the name of your project.


Step 2 - Fill Out your Project Details

On the next page you will have the opportunity to add the all the details of your project. Complete this in as much detail as possible. Complete all of the required fields on the form and click “Save” at the bottom of the page. Don't worry about getting all information down here straight away. You can always come back and add things to it later on at any point before the submission deadline.


Step 3 - Invite Your Team

If you already have a set of people you know you are working with you can now invite them to the project. In the previous step you should have seen a section where you can grab a link to invite your team mates. If you missed that you can always click on 'Edit project' to go back and grab it. Once you have it you can now send this invite link privately to your other team mates so they can join your team.


Step 4 - Announce Your Project

Once you feel your initial project on DevPost is ready to announce to the world make sure it is saved. Then grab the project URL and come and announce it in our Slack in the #coinParty_general channel. If you are still looking for team mates make sure you let people know!

You can even announce your project to the Bitcoin Cash community to generate lots of buzz. Go post your URL on:

...and of course twitter, facebook and anywhere you can!


Step 5 - *IMPORTANT* Connect Your Project To The CoinParty Hackathon

Once the hackathon official starts on the 13th January, you will then be able to add your project to it officially. To do this, you need to go to the hackathon page at and click 'Import from portfolio' link near the top of the hackathon sidebar. After clicking 'Import from portfolio', select your CoinParty project. Upon selecting the project, you’ll be taken to the Project details page and your project will now be a 'Draft' submission in the hackathon.

Once you click 'Save' at the bottom of the page your project will be connected to the CoinParty hackathon. Any work that is saved to this project before the submission deadline will be included in your submission. You’ll see a green notification bar at the top of the window confirming your submission.


Your can edit and add any information to your project at any time before the submission deadline on 18th January 2021 23:45 UTC+0.


Get Those Projects Online

We hope you feel confident on getting your projects set up on DevPost. While the best time to get your projects on DevPost is now, it is allowed to upload your project at any time before the submission deadline. We highly recommend not leaving it that late though. Having your project on DevPost provides an excelent central location to publish key info about your project and promote it. Don't let that go to waste!



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post them on our Slack in the #coinparty_general channel. We're happy to help!