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about 3 years ago

The CoinParty Schedule - Find out what will be happening over the next 10 days.

It's just two days until the CoinParty hackathon kicks off. To make sure you have a good idea what will be happening, here is a schedule of the next 10 days.


11th January

6-7:30pm (UTC+0) Pre-drinks Session. Come hang out with us on zoom. We will give you a chance to make a shout out about your project if you are still looking for more teammates, or if you don’t have a project yet and are looking to join one.


12th January

Final day before CoinParty kickoff. Try to make sure you have all the info and resources you need by this point and have a reasonably clear idea of what you are building. Also, it’s important you have a strong team built by now. Make sure you let people know in the #coinparty_general channel on slack if you are still looking for a team, or need more team members.


13th January

CoinParty Kickoff! Hacking can officially start from 12:15am (UTC+0). The deadline for providing a short summary of your project on is midnight on this day. See the guide at to see how to do this.


14th January

The mini-games start! We’ll be having lots of mini-games where you can win BCH prizes while having fun with your teams. Mini-games will be running all week so make sure to get involved.


15th January

From this day we will start hosting interviews with each of the teams to check in on how you are getting on and get progress updates from you. We will be posting these progress updates to our youtube channel for the BCH community to see. This will be a great time to promote your projects!


16th January

We’re now past the half-way point of the hackathon. By this point you should have completed a large chunk of the work required for your project. More team interviews will be recorded, and of course even more mini-games. It is also important that you provide a written update on your progress on your DevPost project page. You can publish this update across all the usual BCH channels to hype your project.


17th January

This is now a critical point. You need to have the core functions of your project working well by the end of this day to give you the best chance of making sure you submit a complete project within the deadline.


18th January

It’s the final day! You need to be polishing the final bits and pieces of your project and making sure you have created a final video presentation showing off your completed project. Make sure you also provide a detailed written summary of your project on your DevPost profile. Finally, don’t forget to complete step 5 on our guide at This is how your project will be submitted to CoinParty.

You have until 11:45pm (UTC+0) on this day to submit your project to us. We recommend not leaving it until the very last minute though just in-case you face technical or other issues.


19th January

It’s presentation day! We will be publishing all your presentation videos about your projects to our youtube channel for our judges and the Bitcoin Cash community to watch. We'll be releasing presentations throughout the day. Make sure you promote your presentations on social media when they are released!


20th January

It’s prize giving time! Judges will deliberate on which projects they feel deserve which prizes. They’ll decide based on the criteria outlined at so make sure you check that out. The BCH community will also be sending over voting tokens to the projects they love the most. The Block Party prize will be shared proportionally based on how many tokens your team receives. Prizes will be announced at 9pm (UTC+0) on this day.


21st January

Aannndddd relax! Well, not quite. After CoinParty finishes we’ll provide you with some useful info on ways you can take your projects further and how you can get more involved in the BCH community. We hope many of your will take your projects much further after CoinParty ends.




If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post them on the #coinparty_general channel on our Slack.