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over 2 years ago

Let’s get those DevPost projects polished!

It’s now the final day of the CoinParty hackathon. It’s been amazing to see how much progress you have all made in such a short space of time. While there is still time to continue to develop your projects throughout the rest of the day (until 23:45 UTC+0 tonight), now is the time to also start focusing on making sure your project page on DevPost is well prepared. This is going to give your project the best chance of winning a prize.


Key Information

There are certain key pieces of information your project on DevPost needs to contain.We’ll go through all of these in detail below so you can make sure you have a well-presented project.

  • Project Name,
  • Project Pitch,
  • Presentation Video,
  • SLP Address,
  • BCH Address,
  • Project Overview,
  • Detailed Project Description,
  • Declarations,
  • Future Plans
Project Name

You should all already have this added to your project as it was a requirement for setting this up. Hopefully you have chosen a nice catchy name!

Project Pitch

This is a very concise sentence or two that perfectly summarises your product and its value. People should be able to read this and have a good, simple understanding of your project. You should already have this but perhaps there are ways you can sharpen this for the submission.

Presentation Video

This is the video that we will be publishing to our Youtube channel. This is likely what most people will see of your project so make it count. We have created a detailed guide on what this should include here… If you have a separate location that includes information about your project, such as a website, then this is also where you should include it.

SLP Address

Your SLP address is where the BCH community will send their tokens to vote on your project so you can win a share of the $5000 Block Party prize. Make sure your SLP address and the accompanying QR code is displayed at the top of the page where people can easily find it. Follow our guide here to generate the address and QR code...

BCH Address

As with the SLP address you should provide your BCH towards the top of the project. This is where we will be sending your BCH if you win any of the prizes. It’s also a great opportunity to get tips for the BCH community for building a great project.

Project Overview

It is important that you provide a short overview no longer than a paragraph. This should be an expansion on the pitch you wrote but should still be fairly concise. This will help readers gain context when reading through the rest of your project on DevPost.


What inspired you to work on this project? Was it a problem you have experienced yourself or an issue you know many other people face?

What it Does

This should be a detailed description of the features of your product or service.

How I Built It

You should explain the languages, tools and processes you used to build your product or service.


In this section you should include information on two things; your own existing work that you have built upon during CoinParty and the existing work of others that you have used in your projects (e.g. software libraries and visual assets etc.).

What’s Next

Do you have plans to take your project any further after CoinParty is over? Will you be looking for funding to build it out into a startup business? Will you be looking for other people in the BCH community to come and join you in expanding your project?



There are also a number of things you can do to improve the quality of your DevPost project.

  • K.I.S.S.
  • Images/GIFs,
  • Spelling & Grammar,
  • Structure

Keep It Simple Stupid! You should keep the content of your DevPost project to only what is necessary. There are a large number of projects, so if you include lots of unnecessary information in your DevPost project it may weaken your chances of winning a prize as fewer people will read through the whole thing.

Images, GIFs & Videos

We humans love digesting rich forms of information. Where you can, you should be using images, GIFs or videos to convey information about your project. This will help people get a clearer picture of what your project is and how it works. For example you could create a short GIF showing how a feature works. A great tool for creating GIFs is

Spelling & Grammar

This is really just the basics but where possible you should make sure the spelling and grammar in your project text is correct. We recommend using the free tool for that.


Your DevPost project should be well structured so that people can quickly and easily find the information they need. If you use the structure we proposed above you should be good to go.



We hope this guide has given you the info you need to create an excellent project on DevPost. We can’t wait to see all your submissions!



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post any questions on the #coinparty_general channel on our Slack.