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Testing discussion topic

There are no discussions yet? How is that possible?

We are here to work together.

So I'll present my project.
I find that cars have a monopoly on roads, changing the landscape, and making the land we inhabit more noisy and unsafe for children and adults alike.
People rarely give it a second thought because this landscape divided by asphalt is a commonplace.
The situation gets worse when you think that the daily rental of a bicycle can be more expensive than that of a car.

I want to start a decentralized network of bicycles, free to use under a membership, that are placed under the guardianship of hosts around the world.

For that, the first step would be to find such places, that would safe-keep a couple of bicycles, with the perk of having some visitors in exchange.

It's a big and broad project, so I expect a loose directive organization, and space for some experimentation.
I apologize for it being somewhat out of scope compared with more technical and focused projects out here.

Have a nice CoinParty


  • Manager   •   about 3 years ago

    Hey @dream Knitter. Thanks for starting a discussion. Just a heads up, just incase you haven't realised yet, most discussion will be taking place on our slack. The sign up link if the first of the DevPost todos on this hackathon. If you search 'Join the Slack' you should find it.

    Interesting idea. Do you intend to use Bitcoin Cash SLP tokens to track memberships/access etc?

  •   •   about 3 years ago

    I definitely do not intend to use the legacy fiat system for the project. I don't know how it will turn out, though.

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